The question of whether to send your child to boarding school or not is one that is on every parents mind at some stage of their children's schooling life. However, there are many factors that determine whether or not a child goes to boarding school or stays in a state school. The family's household income, expectations of the child's future and the family's overall perception of a boarding school will determine whether or not they send their children to one.


boarding school fees are payable per term. If you reside in the UK an want to send your kids to a boarding school there, you will pay an average of ten thousand pounds per term. This is across the board and what you can expect to pay at the reputable boarding schools in the UK.

Extra information about boarding school fees

However, although this may be an affordable fee for affluent parents, the question of whether boarding school really is worth it still stands. Many parents are unsure about whether their children should go to boarding school considering the fact that they will miss out on normal family life. Children at boarding schools in the same region, usually go home for weekends. In some cases, they may not be allowed to go home every weekend. Children who attend boarding school in foreign countries, completely miss out on the family experience which is never good thing for any child. All children deserve to grow up with childhood memories of their family and loved ones and if they don't it is unhealthy.

Parents have a difficult task in deciding whether or not to place their children in boarding schools as they want the best possible education and advantage for their children, but don't want to miss them either. Boarding school is a sacrifice that parents make for the ultimate good of their children. While parents understand that they are sacrificing for the good of their kids, the children may not understand why they are being sent to boarding school and this could lead to depression and feelings of isolation.

Ultimately, the decision must be made by the parents in the best interests of the children. Some of the advantages of going to boarding school includes firstly getting an education that is second to none. There is no doubt that the quality and standard of education is always better than a state school. The amount of individual attention your child gets is unmatched by state schools. Private schools also have excellent facilities for sports, art and recreation. It also exposes your child to different ethnic groups and cultures which is always a healthy learning experience. Children also form lifelong friendships at these boarding schools and learn about networking from a young age.

As parents it is never easy to part with your child, but some sacrifices are necessary. If it means that your child will get a better education and eventually get into a great college, then this is worth the sacrifices that you will make to get them there.